Last week, our dear boy Philippos turned 2! We have been organising a small birthday party to celebrate Philippos with family and friends.

The ‘vehicles’ theme

At around 2 years of age, toddlers are starting to be fascinated by vehicles on wheels. Philippos at around 20 months he knew all types of vehicles thanks to a book he got for a present. The obvious choice for his second birthday was therefore: Transportation and vehicles

A good rule of thumb is to opt for a birthday theme depending on your child’s likes of the past year. Based on the theme, the food and the gift bag had elements supporting the theme.

The venue

Home is still the best place for a 2-year old child to host their party, but you find a suitable venue nearby that you can hire that would keep your home clean and tidy and will provides plenty of space for food, games and running around.

The place we chose was Bistro Badenbaden that thankfully was available, since at the moment it is open only for private and special events. Badenbaden is ideal for various corporate events such as meetings, seminars, annual celebrations, Christmas parties and pre-Christmas parties, including family events such as birthdays, weddings and memorial services. You can request

more information  from my colleague Katri Kärkkäinen at

The birthday menu

Food for parties needs to look colourful and inviting in small portions. For Philippos’ birthday party menu, we choose the following and the team of chefs at Theron Catering executed them with professionalism despite the fact that the Christmas season is a intense and hectic time preparing food for large events and pre-Christmas parties. A big thanks to Katri for coordinating and the chefs for executing!

Veggie train with colourful peppers (yellow, green, red) stuffed with a variety of colourful veggies such as carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, pepper sticks (green, yellow, red) as well as sauces in small bowls: e.g. hummus, yogurt with herbs etc.

Salad with feta, beetroot, arugula plus some edible flowers drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Marinated mushrooms as a delicious extra topping.

Egg boats with colourful peppers as sails.

Egg boats with scrimps

Meatball canape with cherry tomatoes and cheese

Traffic light smoothies in three colours in shot glasses.

Bubbly lemonades by Honkajoen Panimo that contain 10% of fresh juice from real Finnish berries without any artificial colours, aromas or caffeine. All the guests loved them!

And, last but not least, the highlight of every birthday party is the cake! A three types of chocolate cake that melts in your mouth topped with Finnish forest berries.

The party bags

Philippos and I prepared a goody bag for the guests of our party. We bought bags from the bookstore and Philippos put inside chocolates and small bells. We tied the knot with wooden toy cars, from red buses and fire trucks to yellow taxis and waste collection vehicles.

Happy birthday, our beloved Philippos! <3