Svenska Klubben (‘Swedish Club’ of Helsinki) is a high-class event venue built in 1900 located at the Kruununhaka district, an area at the center of Finland’s capital next to the harbour where many embassies reside. At this historic building, the Svenska Klubben conversational club for gentlemen has been meeting weekly and its members have been debating on various topics with distinguished guests sharing their knowledge and experience over a buffet dinner.

In February 2019, Theron Group Ltd. took over the restaurant services at Svenska Klubben. Today, Svenska Klubben is a well- known venue for business events and celebrations with the high standard of service and excellent flavours provided by Theron Group Ltd. A variety of celebrations -from weddings to business events- can be hosted in its premises, since its exclusive main halls and the various size cabinets can be tailored to all kinds of events.

“We have two operations. First, we cater for the events of the Svenska Klubben providing the necessary restaurant services for the club and its members and second, and most importantly, we operate Svenska Klubben as an open-by-appointment restaurant hosting birthday parties, weddings, banquets, societies’ annual meetings with banquet dinners, company Christmas parties, launch parties,” explains restaurant manager Kristian Meurman about the operations and core business of Svenska Klubben. In the photo you can see Mr. Henry Wiklund, president of the Swedish Club in Helsinki and Mr. Henrik Hultin, vice president, who were enjoying the lunch.

Kristian Meurman, restaurant manager at Svenska Klubben

Kristian welcomed us at the lobby, gave us a short tour around the premises and sat down with us for coffee after our lunch to answer to my questions. Kristian has been working in the restaurant industry since the age of 17. The year he lived in France, when his father was lecturing at the university, is when his gastronomical awaking happened. With his entrepreneurial spirit, curious nature and can-do attitude, he worked himself up the ladder from a fast food restaurant worker to a catering company entrepreneur and assistant restaurant manager. “I knew the reputation of Theron Group and I respected its CEO -Tero Blom- and therefore decided to apply for the position of a restaurant manager at Svenska Klubben”, explains Kristian.

There are days when the occasion requires a more elaborate and indulgent lunch experience. For these occasions, Svenska Klubben offers an upscale lunch every Thursday from February 6 until June 22 from 12-14. After midsummer there will be a small pause and Svenska Klubben’s lunch will continue to be offered again in August. This new lunch concept was launched last week and I had the pleasure to enjoy a three-course lunch served in a casual manner with my son Philippos.

“We are not competing with our own lunch restaurants. Theron Group has many restaurants where guests can enjoy a healthy, quick lunch during workdays. Svenska Klubben offers an upscale business lunch experience. Lunch is served in the dining rooms yet companies or business people could reserve separate rooms for private meetings where lunch could be served during the business meeting. In addition, people who would like to pamper themselves or want to give a nice surprise lunch to a friend or spouse are welcome! We keep the lunch straightforward, high-quality, delicious and reasonably priced around 30€”, says Kristian.

While there is table side service, you can enjoy a three-course menu in a time-efficient manner that consists of two starter options, two courses and one dessert as well as a vegetarian option for the starter and main dishes, which can be turned into vegan, too. If you want to sit in peace and you are not in a hurry to return to work, you can enjoy your coffee or a drink at the lobby bar  after lunch.

Here is the lovely lunch  we enjoyed last Thursday, February 6:

Toast Skagen with rainbow trout roe

Deer and pickled porcini with Västerbotten cheese

Wallenberg beef patties, mashed potatoes, peas and browned butter

Fennel and lemon flavoured salmon, pumpkin puree and warm green bean salad

Sweet bread French toast, raspberry jam and vanilla ice-cream
Vegetarian Menu: Beetroot, goat cheese and pine nuts
 Savoy cabbage rolls stuffed with porcini, lentils and herbs, mashed potatoes and tomato sauce


Here you can find a few photos of the premises of Svenska Klubben. Feel free to book an appointment to visit the venue yourself and plan your event by e-mail at Welcome to a house of celebrations!

More information about Svenska Klubben can be found here.