In mid January the Mennään naimisiin (‘Let’s get married’, in English) wedding fair takes place annually in Wahna Satama organised by the Mennään naimisiin magazine.  Mennään naimisiin is the leading wedding magazine in Finland that provides wedding inspiration to brides and grooms, widely appreciated for its high visual and editorial quality. The Mennään naimisiin wedding fair is also the most popular wedding event for consumers in Finland. It has been organised since 1996 at the historical Wanha Satama building by the Helsinki seaside.

I have been visiting the Mennään naimisiin wedding fair for many years and this year I was invited to a VIP breakfast catered by Theron Catering. “We had 12 wedding bloggers and 4 VIP contest winners. The VIP competition was widely popular and the champagne breakfast a key note mentioned – true luxury!” explains Paula Kirvesmäki, Editor in chief of Mennään naimisiin magazine and wedding fair producer. I had the pleasure of meeting Paula at the fair and was taken by her warmth, professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit. Paula holds an eMBA and has a passion for marketing.

This was our first time collaborating with Theron Catering and they had me at hello. All calls and questions were quickly answered and dealt with. If we have no past cooperation – certainly will in the future,” says Paula. “We gave Theron Catering complete freedom to what would be served to our guests. A real luxury element is that a chef was present to explain and served the breakfast. Our guests didn’t fill any allergy forms in advance and Theron catered for all possible options beautifully,” she adds.

Check out what was served during the VIP breakfast for the lucky guests!


A bubbly welcome drink

Organic yogurt, fresh blueberries and acacia honey


Fresh fruit salad with fresh strawberries

Smoked ham toast

Warm smoked Salmon Cocktail with Black Caviar

In new ownership the Mennään naimisiin magazine a more youthful approach to articles written is taken as well as a close ear to what the brides struggle with, so we can give support and answers. This year the fair also had a mission to support start-up companies by sponsoring stalls for them. Hoping to give a bit of a head start to sales and networking,” mentions Paula. Also, the magazine held the first ever Men’s Ring Competition and the award ceremony was held at the fair.  “The competition was very popular especially since it was not concentrated on the brides diamonds. The winner was GL-Koru with a two-toned ring said to symbolise two people becoming a unit,” explains Paula who had established a successful jewellery brand prior to her current career.