Finns love their pikkujoulut

Pikkujoulu (‘little Christmas’ in Finnish) is a pre-Christmas tradition to celebrate with family, friends and colleagues with an abundance of food and drinks as well as entertainment. Pikkujoulu parties are held by all organisations and companies, in the weeks prior to Christmas all across Finland.

Especially in companies, pikkujoulut is a feast or banquet that can often be the highlight of the year. The venue and the catering are carefully chosen in order to create a memorable experience for the company’s staff. The food served during the company’s pikkujoulu party is either in the form of a buffet or a seat down meal. Often themes are used to spice up the creativity and add to the experience of the guests.

In this blog post, we proudly present the pre-Christmas party of one of Theron Catering customers Helsingin Seudun Suunnittelu- ja Rakennuttajapalvelu (HSSR Ltd.). “The customer had a 20’s theme in mind for their pikkujoulut this year and they were looking for a venue to host it. They ran into a post on our website about 20’s jazz style events and decided to book Villa Andania to host their event about the 20’s and speakeasy theme,” explains Miia Makkonen Sales representative at Theron Catering.

How to plan a 20’s inspired theme pikkujoulut party

When you think of the 20’s, your mind travels back to an era following World War I. Despite having not experienced those times, there are many references in popular art such as fashion, literature, cinema and music. When you think of the 20’s— you think Prohibition, the Charleston, jazz, flappers, feathers, pearl necklaces, and gangsters.  The list could go on and on.. This is an era rich with potential party themes!

1. Follow the first rule… secrecy!

Create a mysterious atmosphere prior and during the event. You can inform guests with a printed invitation that makes them wonder and ask them to tell the magic password to the entrance of the venue as mentioned in their personal invitation.

Welcome guests with some ‘coffee’ (an alcoholic beverage in disguise) and use some old newspapers to wrap the wine bottles!

2. Dress to impress fashion of the 20’s

Women during with 20’s would wear flapper dresses, long pearl necklaces, fans, feather boas, headbands with feathers, long cigarette holders, beaded shawls, seamed stockings, cloche hats, bobbed hair. The 20’s were the perfect blend between style and function. Beautiful clothes that allowed women to move, dance and feel free.

As for the men, their style would feature zoot suits, black or white ties on a black shirt, spats (white canvas or vinyl shoe covers) fedoras or gangster hats.

Style guide of the 20’s would include these men’s and women’s accessories: gloves, watches, handkerchiefs, cigarette holders, flasks, glasses, umbrellas and canes.

In Helsinki, there is a number of vintage and second-hand stores specialising in 20’s fashion among others to help you dress up, when you are invited to a 20’s theme party.

3. Eat and Indulge

After World War I, people in the 20’s began to indulge in the joys of life, including alcohol (illegally) and food!

Theron Catering created the following menu for this 20’s themed party for the guests of Villa Andania. The names of the menu items in Finnish were named after 20’s influences and phenomena. Below there is a rough translation in English accompanied by photos to make your mouth watering.

Whitefish salad

Chicken breast fillets and wheat grains

Cucumber & melon salad

Salad with Finnish squeaky cheese, wild tomatoes and vinaigrette

Green sprouts salad & Sicilian lemon sauce

Ryemeal bread, oven fresh multi grain bread & butter


Overcooked lamb roast, rosé wine sauce

with braised vegetables and duchesse potatoes


Blackcurrant cheese pastry, almond crème and cherry sauce

What a fun evening! Cheers!