An oasis on the beach: Bistro food at BadenBaden

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If you are in Helsinki this summer and the weather is warm, there is only place to be: Hietaniemi beach (in Finnish 'Hietaniemen ranta'; colloquially 'Hietsu')! Once you are there, you ought to check out Bistro Badenbaden. Theron Catering provides delicious bistro food at Bistro Badenbaden by Hietsu, the most popular sand beach in downtown Helsinki. This summer beach-goers can [...]

Brazil and Finland: 100 years of friendship (and tasty food!)

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Theron Catering has been catering for a variety of events and functions at the Embassy of Brazil over the years. We decided to find out about Brazilian culture and share our insights with you. In this blog post, we feature an interview with Maila-Kaarina Rantanen, Director of the Brazil-Finland Cultural Center at the Embassy of Brazil [...]

Expert tips on how to pair food with wine

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Visiting Pernod Ricard's Juomavinkki booth in search of tips The Wine, Food and Good Living -fair is arranged in Helsinki every October. This year I visited the Juomavinkki booth powered by Pernod Ricard Finland and met with Kaisa Kavekari, Wine Brand Manager at Pernod Ricard Finland Ltd., a daughter company of Pernod Ricard SA, which is the world leader in [...]

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