Towards the end of 2015 on December 14, I was blessed to welcome our baby boy Philippos into our lives. Last month, he became 1 year old!

I planned a small gathering of friends and family to celebrate our baby’s first birthday with the catering provided by Theron Catering. First birthday parties are really for parents and their guests, since Philippos is being breastfed plus eating solids that I cook for him. Philippos may not remember this party, so this blog post, the videos and photos will be capturing the moment forever!

Tips for planning your baby’s first birthday party

  1. Plan your party around your baby’s nap times, if possible. It is important for them to be well-rested and in good spirit. Our first birthday party took place right after naptime, at about 4:30 p.m., guaranteeing a hours of cuteness.
  2. Keep in mind that food and cake is the main thing that drives costs up. Yet time is the most valuable commodity for a mum. So, ask a professional catering company for help. The time you spend with your baby is valuable. I couldn’t think of a better catering company than Theron Catering.
  3. Get decorations and the cake. Don’t feel pressured to spend more than you can afford — small is beautiful at this age! Our decorations were provided by Juhlamaailma, the #1 go-to store for party decorations in Finland.

The Menu

›Smoked salmon and dill cream on rye bread

› Avocado and egg on rye bread

›Veggies and hummus dip shots

The Cake

The birthday cake was made with white chocolate, cream, and blueberries. It was sprinkled with golden flakes.

Apart from the delicious cake, there was hot cocoa served as well as tea and coffee. Guests could decorate their hot cocoa with chocolate chips and marshmallows. Gingerbread cookies and blue macarons were also served.



The birthday boy had his own sparkling and still water bottle labels. I created and printed the water bottle labels and added a blue straw with stars on the side with glitter blue tape. Special thanks to Pia and Denice for their valuable help!

Philippos had been practising blowing the candle on his cake (by blowing the lights at our Christmas tree!) as well as clapping his little hands. He did well during his first birthday party!

Philippos received many presents from our friends and family. We also had a little memento to offer to them as they were leaving the party. Inside the bag, there was a small boy ornament to decorate their Christmas tree and outside there was Philippos palm print that I had once made when he was eating blueberries!


Special thanks to Theron Catering and Katri Kärkkäinen as well as the team of chefs and Juha for delivering everything for the party!